About me

Crafting has been a life-long hobby of mine.  I love to think of craft ideas then make the craft.  The process often takes a few U-turns or even jumps to a different path, but the end result is often better than I imagined.

Recently I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  I had to go through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  Many of the things I could do before, I now cannot.  Crafting during this difficult time in my life has helped me to be creative about life.  In the same way that I come up with a craft idea by looking at the materials I have, I've learned to make the most out of my life by living each day fully with thanksgiving.
Not only has crafting been a blessing to me, it has also been a channel to bless other people.  Many of my crafts have been gifts for family, friends and other cancer patients.  It warms my heart to see a cancer patient's face light up after receiving a small craft.  I also hope it helps their healing process!  Little Miss Craft started so that I can share these crafts with all of you.  I hope that the delight of crafting and blessing others with crafts will be yours as well!
Yours truly,
Little Miss Craft
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pps - These are pictures of crafts I made for patients in the chemo ward.  You can make them too!  Here are my step-by-step tutorials for these crafts: